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Comanche Country

The Elm Creek Raid

Just 12 miles Northwest of La Casa Tierra is the site of a horrific Indian raid, historically referred to as the Elm Creek Raid. About six-hundred Kiowa and Comanche raided a settlement located on Elm Creek where it empties into the Brazos River. It was October 13, 1864. Black frontiersman and former slave named Britt Johnson lived there with his family. He was in nearby Weatherford on the fateful day that his wife and two children were taken by the Indians.

The story of Johnson’s persistent search for his family among the Comanche has been eloquently written by a Graham native (pictured below), COL (Ret) Alan Clark Huffines. The book is Killed By Indians 1871. We don’t want to spoil the story for you, but you can find Huffines’ book in the library at La Casa Tierra, or for sale at Pratt’s Books on the square in Graham.

Look for local historical markers of the raid location, the grave of Britt Johnson (killed by Indians in 1871), and one commemorating Millie Durgan.

A side note about the story of Britt Johnson and the search for his family among the Comanches …
“The Searchers” was an iconic western movie produced in 1956 and starring John Wayne. It’s based on a book by Alan LeMay called The Searchers. Some say that LeMay’s book was loosely based on the story of Cynthia Ann Parker — but others believe that it actually more closely followed the story of Britt Johnson and the Elm Creek Raid.